What These Teens Did To A Mentally Disabled Man Will Make You Want To Cry

At an early age, I was urged to see everybody as essentially human, paying little heed to age, race, introduction or inability. Our uniqueness is the thing that makes us extraordinary and our humankind is the thing that unites all of us.

What’s more, as a substitute educator, some of my greatest days are spent working in the specialized curriculum classrooms. Seeing children conquer misfortune and discover one of a kind approaches to flourish is so satisfying. Hence, the video underneath totally makes me extremely upset.

In the Germantown zone of Philadelphia, an incapacitated man was tending to his very own concerns when a gathering of teenagers joined forces against him. One then sucker punched him in the face. In a condition of finish stun, he fell in reverse and faltered away just to be struck at the end of the day. Their manhandle and giggling are so brutal.

The man in the video, later recognized by associate Gerald Andrews by his initially name, Mark, is portrayed as somebody who’s dependably in great spirits. Andrews was talked with taking after the assault, saying, “He keeps that grin all over. He needs to talk sports. He’s a decent person. It’s awful.”


(via Daily Mail and CBS Philly)

Subsequent to becoming famous online, the video could enable police to recognize and capture four adolescents related with the severe assault. They were accused of exasperated ambush, basic strike, and rash risk. The youngster assailants are likewise being connected to another fierce occurrence at an adjacent school.

It makes me sick to see anyone being brutalized because they’re different. Share this video if you think the teens’ actions are inexcusable.