Weatherman Has Hilarious, Real-Life ‘Mary Poppins’ Moment On Live TV

The flightiness of being on live TV can make for some really great viral minutes to the detriment of makers gnawing their nails in the background.

Regardless of whether it’s a closet breakdown or somebody hopping before the camera for their 15 minutes of acclaim, all the training on the planet isn’t sufficient to get ready for being live on area. This is particularly genuine when Mother Nature is included. One meteorologist in Dublin found out about the Earth’s fierceness the most difficult way possible amid a live communicate.

One moment the excited meteorologist was transferring news of substantial rain.

One minute the enthusiastic meteorologist was relaying news of heavy rain.

Youtube / Associated Press

But in the time it takes to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, he’s gone with the wind!

And this is how it happened. Wait until you see his colleagues’ reactions at the end!

Disney just announced they’re working on a “Mary Poppins” sequel, and if they’re smart, they’ll get some pointers from this high-flying guy. Share this hilarious blooper with others who could use a good laugh.