This Is The Awesome Thing That Happens When You Turn Bricks Into Dominoes

Something I adore about the web is that there’s no lack of individuals doing cool stuff that I wouldn’t consider all alone.

There are truly skilled individuals out there who can make huge domino spreads and with the flick of a solitary piece send the entire thing falling. They can traverse different rooms and even floors, and watching them, I thought it was the coolest domino extend I’d ever observe.

Regardless I believe they’re quite stunning, however I as of late gotten some answers concerning the “twofold domino impact” and it changed everything. At to start with, it appears as though magician’s enchantment, yet there’s really a numerical arrangement that will take your breath away.

The twofold domino impact occurs at the very end of a line of domino blocks falling, and it’s so cool to see.

Youtube / Viral Hog

Essentially, the bricks all wind up flat on the ground in a straight line. But how could that possibly be?

Youtube / Wonder FLY

Watch this mathematician explain the double-domino effect and why it occurs. It’s actually so simple!

Youtube / standupmaths

Would you try this out at home? I think it would be so cool to see in person and it would be a great party trick! Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to share this with anyone who you know will be amazed.