They Call This Guy ‘The Storm Pilot’ And His Photos From The Cockpit Are Incredible

I don’t travel regularly, yet when I do find the opportunity to take a flight some place, my most loved some portion of the experience is looking out the window and seeing what the world looks like from up high.

Santiago Borja from Quito, Ecuador, is certainly no outsider to staggering sights in the sky, particularly storms. Being a pilot for Ecuador Airlines, he gets the chance to witness a wide range of excellent cloud developments, and notwithstanding lighting now and again. He cherishes what he sees such a great amount, truth be told, that at whatever point he’s enjoying some downtime or his copilot is responsible for the plane, he takes astonishing photographs that have earned him the epithet, “The Storm Pilot.” Check out a portion of the dazzling scenes he’s caught in the stunning pictures underneath.

Lighting never looked so beautiful.

“Descending into Guayaquil, Ecuador, with heavy storms all around the country.”

“Above a sea of clouds, down below it’s all rain and thunders.”

“The dark side of the storm.”

“Taken over Ecuadorean Amazonia on a hot evening enroute to Europe.”

“The Amazonia between Ecuador and Colombia is the perfect place to host some powerful storms. They become very active at night. This time we’re sorting them around to enter Ecuador and begin descent into Guayaquil city.”

“Building storms while climbing on a long trip to Madrid, Spain.”

“Cloud city.”

“This time descending into Guayaquil in the coast region.”

“Seconds after dropping our nuclear bomb over the Pacific Ocean.”

If you’d like to see more of Borja’s incredible work, be sure to check him out on Instagram and on his website. Share these amazing scenes if you wish you could have seen them in person!