These Sculptures Are So Detailed That You May Not Even Notice What They’re Made Of

When I consider swell creatures, I consider birthday parties as a kid.

You could get a canine or a sword, and every one of the children would spend the day swashbuckling and unintentionally popping their most loved new toys. Regardless of whether it was a jokester or somebody who spent significant time in inflatable creatures, it was really amazing. All things considered, I can’t make any of those things.

However, as adults, you may be amazed to realize that there are a few people out there who take expand imaginativeness to an unheard of level.

Masayoshi Matsumoto makes swell figures of things like bugs and creatures.

The level of detail he can create using just balloons is nothing short of astounding. These are true works of art.

While some balloon artists embellish their creations using adhesive or markers, Matsumoto doesn’t. He sticks to strictly balloons.

The results are amazing. This iguana is just one of the many pieces he’s created that have gone viral and caught the attention of thousands.

He doesn’t just stick to land. Fish and sea creatures are totally up for grabs. I love the way he makes the fins look like they’re flowing in water.

Are you jelly? I’m totally jelly.

If you want to see more of his incredible creations, follow him on Instagram. I know I just did!

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