These 24 Doses Of Sweet, Sweet Karma Will Make You Feel Way Better About Life

My mom dependably disclosed to me that what circumvents comes around.

So at whatever point I consider whether my activities will have any repercussions, I never forget that karma’s viewing. Maybe you’ve considered taking an associate’s lunch or stopping in an incapacitated parking space without anybody getting on. And keeping in mind that at that time you may escape with it, if life’s shown me anything, it’s that you’ll get what’s coming to you. As the familiar axiom goes, karma’s a bitch, so in case will disturb her, be set up to manage her fierceness.

On the off chance that you require a lift, these 40 loading helpings of moment karma will improve you feel.

1. This is why you don’t come between a dog and his dog treats.

2. Karma served with a fresh side of foot fungus.

3. The only thing stolen was this man’s dignity.

4. That’s what we call going balls to the wall (and back again).


5. This guy cemented himself in history as one of the biggest morons of all time.

6. This hit-and-run driver left behind something important.

7. That feeling when you’re smart enough to rob a bank, but can’t manage to see there’s a door in your way.

8. When a tree throws shade at you for stealing your coworker’s parking spot, this happens. Go over to the next page for more satisfying payback.

9. Caution: slippery when wet!


10. That seems like a pretty even trade to me.

11. These parking attendants decided to give a campus cop the boot.

13. If U-turn, U will be caught.

14. Looks like your big wheels gave you quite a big problem.

15. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help myself.


16. “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Go on to the next page to see what we all want to happen to drivers who try to break the rules.

17. And you were in such a big hurry, too.

18. Maybe if you spent less time tweeting and more time using your hands, you wouldn’t be in this predicament.

19. That’s what you get for disrespecting a dog like that.


20. Anyone that’s ever had top clean bird poop off their car will be happy to see this bittersweet revenge.

21. Joke’s on you lady!

22. This kid isn’t winning the Hunger Games anytime soon.

23. She tried to steal some expensive booze, but all she got was a bottle of sugar.

24. Not only are cats afraid of water, but they aren’t too fond of snow either. On the following page, you’ll see exactly what not to do when you bump into someone’s car.