Someone Get This Guy An Award! Canadian Dad Finds Best Way To Trim Hedges.

Owning your own home is awesome, but the outdoor chores that come with it? Not so fun.

Unless you’re thoroughly fine with having a wild and rowdy yard, it’s important to give a lump of your bustling work week to cutting the garden, watering plants, and doing different sorts of yard work. It can get really repetitive and tedious, however, which is the reason one father in Alberta, Canada, thought of an imaginative and diverting answer for trimming his supports.

By attaching a lawn mower to a tractor…

…he found the perfect way to keep his hedges nice and straight.

Watch the man in action as he employs his ingenious method. You might want to patent that idea, buddy!

(via Daily Mail)

I can’t help but wonder what might go wrong in this situation, but hopefully he took these possibilities into account beforehand. In any case, it definitely seems to get the job done!

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