People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Video, But Look Closer At The Tattoo Gun

 At the point when tattoo craftsman Alex Epifanio from Wiltshire, England, as of late shared an adorable video of his little girl, individuals were enraged at what they thought they were seeing.

At to begin with, individuals were stunned when they saw what gave off an impression of being Epifanio giving his daughter a little star tattoo, and afterward they were confounded regarding why she wasn’t shouting in agony or notwithstanding recoiling. Be that as it may, you should simply investigate his tattoo weapon to perceive what was truly going on.

Look as Epifanio inks his adorable girl up with what’s in reality only a ballpoint pen. It didn’t hurt her one piece, notwithstanding the sound of it!


The negative response to this video is exactly why it’s a good idea to make sure you know what you’re looking at before reacting to it. Share if you think the little girl’s first “tattoo” is adorable!