This Nugget Feels Exactly How We Feel About Those Checkpoints At Airport Security

Some may contend with me here, yet I say the most exceedingly terrible piece of flying is experiencing air terminal security.

We require TSA operators to guard us, and I’m appreciative they do all that they can to keep us flying. Now and again, however, holding up in those lines and getting the search can be out and out upsetting. It’s simply part of what it takes to get where we’re going.

Two-year-old Mila Stauffer, in any case, wouldn’t take it any longer. You may recollect Mila from her viral rage about observing her “sweetheart” in the recreation center with another young lady. All things considered, she’s back at it again after a current flight, and she has a couple of words that you could possibly identify with.

“Above all else, the line is so long. Strange,” she says. “I’m two, not cool! Fortunately, I’m still on diapers. This could’ve been awful.” We feel you, young lady.

Speak your truth, Mila! We’ll definitely keep watching. Share this with friends and family who will appreciate her adorable sass!