Hawk Tries To Eat Chicken. Duck Friend Says HELL NAW And Saves The Day!

We as a whole hear a lot of astonishing stories about individuals sparing mutts, felines, and different animals from being murdered, yet creatures protecting creatures? Not to such an extent.

Be that as it may, as this brave duck demonstrates, it certainly happens – simply ask the chicken whose life he spared. For the individuals who claim chickens, falcons can be an enormous aggravation since they as often as possible assault and slaughter the feathered creatures appropriate in individuals’ lawns.

This one was going to wind up noticeably a sell’s lunch, yet his feathered companion declined to give that a chance to happen.

This one was about to become a hawk's lunch, but his feathered friend refused to let that happen.

YouTube / Mai Magdy

When Felix the duck saw what was going on, he wasn’t afraid to waddle over and give the hawk a piece of his mind.

Watch as he scares the predatory bird away from his friend. Great job, Felix!

That chicken sure is lucky to have a buddy like Felix watching its back. Be sure to share this awesome rescue with all the animal lovers in your life!