Doctors Said He Just Had A Virus, But His Mom’s Persistence Saved His Life

At the point when Natasha Durling from Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, saw that her child, Oliver, wasn’t feeling great a month ago, she accepted it was most likely some sort of gastrointestinal infection.

The poor young man had a high fever, sore muscles, red eyes, and was powerless from heaving over and over. In any case, when Oliver’s condition didn’t enhance and deteriorated, Natasha was persuaded that something was genuinely amiss with him. In the event that she hadn’t believed her instinct regardless of specialists contradicting her, Oliver won’t not, in any case, be alive today. Presently she’s sharing his story to urge different guardians to dependably tune into their guts with regards to their kids.

Between Thursday, May 18, and Sunday, May 22, Natasha says that Oliver’s side effects exacerbated to the point that she called 8-1-1, a Canadian telephone number for non-earnest wellbeing administrations. They advised her to make a physical checkup if his fever endured over five days.

Between Thursday, May 18, and Sunday, May 22, Natasha says that Oliver's symptoms worsened to the point that she called 8-1-1, a Canadian phone number for non-urgent health services. They told her to make a doctor's appointment if his fever lasted more than five days.

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The following day, he wasn’t eating or drinking anything by any stretch of the imagination, and his eyes were ragged looking. Natasha took him to the doctor’s facility, where he was placed in isolate for a conceivable instance of the measles. Be that as it may, the specialist who inspected him said it wasn’t measles and likely only an infection, as Oliver was progressive on every one of his inoculations, including two measles shots. They were sent home.

The next day, he wasn't eating or drinking anything at all, and his eyes were bloodshot. Natasha took him to the hospital, where he was put in quarantine for a possible case of the measles. However, the doctor who examined him said it wasn't measles and likely just a virus, as Oliver was up to date on all his vaccinations, including two measles shots. They were sent home.

By Tuesday, he was in so much agony that he couldn’t get up and said he had a feeling that he was kicking the bucket. Nastasha says he was “secured from go to toe in the most exceedingly terrible rash I have ever observed, his fever (with Tylenol and benadryl) was past 40°C and his lips were swollen to the point that they were split and dying.” She took him to an alternate healing center where she was told a similar thing.

At that point, she’d had enough and refused to leave. She demanded to see a pediatrician, who finally decided to run a measles test to be safe.

After the dehydrated little boy got some much-needed IV fluids, he was able to get up and use the restroom so the nurse could get a urine sample. But as he was relieving himself, something horrifying happened. “As he’s peeing, he starts to panic yelling that he can’t see and that he’s blind, then gets right stuff, shakes and drops in my arms,” Natasha said.

After this, the doctor determined that he had Kawasaki disease, a rare childhood condition that causes inflammation in the walls of some blood vessels. With blood transfusions and treatment, his rash was gone the next day and he was feeling a lot better, but it didn’t end there.

The pee comes about demonstrated that Oliver really tested positive for the measles. By Friday, it was affirmed that he was experiencing both conditions, which is to a great degree uncommon. “Ollie is the ONLY know instance of contracting measles while having all his progressive inoculations, and Kawasaki illness in the meantime,” Natasha said.

With the best possible treatment, Oliver is no longer infectious and is improving at this point. However, despite the fact that his immunizations didn’t prevent him from contracting measles, Natasha says that they’re the reason he’s as yet alive in light of the fact that they reduced the seriousness of the infection and allowed his body to battle the Kawasaki sickness.

In spite of the fact that it was a terrifying and horrendous experience for Natasha and Oliver, she’s offering it to different guardians in the expectations that it will spare lives. “Put stock in your gut mothers and fathers. Battle for your children if something doesn’t appear to be correct! We know our children, so don’t take no for an answer. What’s more, for hell’s sake, inoculate your children! Measles should be a dead illness.”

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Oliver’s very lucky to have such a great mom who isn’t afraid to fight for him, because this could have ended so tragically otherwise. You can help her with his medical costs by donating here, and please share their story with other parents to encourage them to always trust their instincts when it comes to their kids!