Creepy Video From ‘Hacktivist’ Anonymous Claims To Explain The Coming Of WWIII

Many individuals have been clowning of late that we’re nearly World War III, yet as indicated by a programmer assemble called Anonymous, it’s going to happen.

Wearing their mark Guy Fawkes cover and automated voice in one of their most recent recordings, they caution general society that we have to prepare for the following scene war, in light of the fact that a quick and “comprehensively crushing” atomic assault is impending. Regardless of whether this is valid or not is certainly up for theory, but rather in any case, their message is completely chilling.

Look as they clarify why they’re persuaded that nations around the globe are deliberately planning for war, and that “the subjects will be the last to know.” There’s nothing that isn’t unpleasant about it.

While I’m incredulous of the exactness of their cases, it truly cracks me out to consider that any of what they’re stating may really happen. Share in case you’re all around stressed over what current occasions may mean for our future.