This Absent-Minded Criminal Might Want To Give Up His Life Of Crime

On the off chance that you thought the crooks in your most loved wrongdoing comedies were moronic, simply hold up until the point when you check out this person!

Observation film just caught a standout amongst the most hostile to climactic robberies ever. As the robber, wearing a dark hoodie, plans to loot a home, he can be seen checking the front way to check whether it’s opened. At the point when that section point demonstrates unviable, the confused thief tries his best at softening up through the carport windows.

After an incredible battle, our criminal buddy can wedge open the window and slip inside.

After quite the struggle, our criminal pal is able to wedge open the window and slip inside.

Screenshot: Daily Mail

But moments later, the man exits the garage empty handed, looking utterly defeated. Really, how dumb can you possibly be?

Rule number one of burglary: Always check your target for easy entry points….like garage doors that are totally open.

(Via Daily Mail)

Well…humanity’s always pretty disappointing. Be sure to share this moronic footage with anyone you know who would get a kick out of it.