30 Times Googly Eyes Made Life So Much Sweeter

Have you at any point strolled around out in the open and felt just as everyone’s eyes are on you?

Well on account of the most recent pattern clearing the web, that may very well be valid. You may have seen your Instagram nourishes and other online networking pages topping off with pictures of ordinary articles being overhauled with a couple of googly eyes. Known as “eyebombing,” this one of a kind pattern is making everyday life so considerably more interesting. Here are 30 goes up against the rage that are certain to make you grin!

1. Eyebombing is becoming pretty popular, and it’s not hard to see why.

2. The trend started to revitalize boring city streets.

3. Eyebombing is encouraging others to look at the world differently and to stop getting caught up in day-to-day drudgery.

4. There are, however, some rules and regulations that anyone who wants to participate must follow. It’s serious, people!

5. All eyebombing attempts must use googly eyes, not 2-D stickers.

6. Don’t even think about posting your photos of eyebombing at home. True specimens live out on the streets for everyone to see.

7. And it’s not considered eyebombing if you simply cover up a pair of pre-existing eyes.

8. Bulgarian Artist Vanyu Krastev is using eyebombing to draw attention to things that people otherwise view as bad, such as broken structures and equipment.

9. For Krastev, no opportunity is too small.

10. Everything is fair game.

11. Unlike similar forms of street art, eyebombing isn’t about the artists themselves.

12. Instead, it’s all about the message of levity it spreads to strangers.

13. That’s certainly one way to bring a little humanity to a world that can feel so cold sometimes.

14. Here’s looking at you!

15. Cookie Monster, what are you doing there?

16. Peek-a-boo! I see you.

17. Don’t even think about forgetting to feed the meter.

18. Are you a fan of these eyebombs? Head to the next page for more!

19. No need to stick your tongue out at me.

20. I see your googly eyes and raise you a smile.

21. Ketchup on all the fun of eyebombing.

22. But remember to proceed with caution.

23. Hey now, that’s not nice.

24. Always making something out of nothing, I see.

25. Lunch just got a whole lot creepier.

26. Gives new meaning to the phrase “keep your eyes on the road.”

27. Now that’s a side eye if I’ve ever seen one.

28. I spy with my little eye something delicious.

29. Okay, given the rules, this doesn’t really count. Still, how adorable is he?

30. Man, your pupils look a bit dilated.

(via Eyebombing)

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